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About Umoru Adamu

Founder of Ancoats Car Dealership

Life has endless possibilities; I am an ambitious man from African Heritage. I went to a business school and gained a degree in Accounting and Finance and I decided to embark on this journey of a business. I bet on myself and had my family's full support. My family is my drive, I take great pride in being able to provide them with a better life, it was important to make it a family business and have my family fully involved. I have been trading cars since 2012, went into car dealership business because I was inspired by my father's businesses growing up; I also wanted to be a businessman, and this was my chance. I have always dreamed of having multiple luxury cars, who hasn't but I didn't want that just for myself but for everyone, so I took action, and the rest was history. I started off with small affordable cars and now we have a mixture of luxury and afford cars that are available to our customers at fantastic prices. I have learned an extensive amount of knowledge about the industry with no formal education or training about the business and faced numerous challenges and failures however in hindsight extensive research, capital and understanding is highly advisable before pursuing any business venture but don't let that hold you back.

I am genuinely excited for what the future has in store for Ancoats Car Dealership and to have you all a part of that.